In what ways can the watering device LOGISSOL-O be advantageous for municipalities?

The water supply of municipalities is of a major importance for his citizens. The healthy management of this invaluable liquid is a challenge of every day. The citizens need varied in water. Some of these needs are essential, but other needs, as the watering of grounds, are it less and the majority of people understand it. On the other hand, who of us is ready to sacrifice the investment in flowers and in vegetables by hesitating to water these when arises a drought? Nobody! And it is normal!

In front of this situation, several municipalities encourage his citizens to install barrels of rainwater. Some of them have even a purchase aid program.

Another way used by many municipalities is to distribute the drinkable water consumption by regulating the period of watering. For example, the residents at the even addresses water the even days, those at the odd addresses the odd days.

These two initiatives are praiseworthy, but do not still bring real savings of drinking water. Here is why:

Barrels of rainwater have a limited capacity and are quickly emptied as soon as it needs there to water. As the need to water come in a period of drought, the barrel does not fill up with rainwater for the next watering. People thus have the obligation to fill it up with some drinking water, to have some warmed water for their next watering.

Regulate the drinkable water consumption for the watering of grounds by distributing this one on the even days for some and the odd days for others, avoid that the same citizen waters his ground every day. It’s can have there an economy of drinking water and especially a less big risk of an overconsumption at some point. But it can be a double-edged blade, because the citizen deprived of watering a day can consume it a lot when it will be his tour, knowing that he cannot water the next day.

The LOGISSOL-O makes more effective these two ways of management.

It works on:

  1. The decrease of the quantity of necessary water during a watering,
  2. The distribution of the water where it is necessary, not somewhere else!
  3. The return in the autonomy of plants to drink without watering.

The installation of a recycling rainwater barrel becomes thus effective, because its contents of water will last longer, giving the chance to this one to fill up again with some rainwater and not with some drinking water.

While regulating the period of watering, the LOGISSOL-O will make that every citizen will lower considerably his drinkable water consumption during his days of watering. We speak here easily about 75 % of economy in drinking water, while making a more effective watering. Furthermore, by restarting the capillarity of the ground, Logissol-O returns the needs for watering less frequent than previously.

Logissol-O dans le jardin - Photo bannière Contactez-nous
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For a municipality, this option turns out very advantageous for his citizens. Combined to a rainwater barrels installation program, these two tools are complementary and answer in a surprising way at a politics of healthy management of the drinking water. A single barrel of rainwater can irrigate the plants of a standard property equipped with Logissol-O during almost two weeks of drought!

As you know, it is not all the citizens who will opt for a barrel of rainwater. How to encourage more people to save the drinking water? Logissol-O is a winning solution!

  • Less drinkable water consumption
  • Less time dedicated to the watering
  • Less risk of diseases
  • Less expensive than a conventional watering system
  • Of more beautiful vegetables and flowers gardens!

All this because the water is given to the good place, simply!

A 100% Canadian solution!

The LOGISSOL-O suits perfectly to watering certain public landscaping. How much it costs to a municipality in drinking water, in workforce and in haulage to water on surface beds here and there in the public places?

LOGISSOL-O could turn out an additional asset in your sustainable development program!

Less drinking water80%


Water straight to the roots100%


Less time watering50%



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