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Using less water, harvest more!

Logissol-O is a sprinkling and fertilizing system for flowers, shrubs and gardens.

Logissol-O is the solution you need!

Consisted only of two parts, a perforated container and a special slatted cover, this watering device allows to give the water exactly where it necessary, directly to the roots of vegetables in the kitchen garden, flowers, trees and shrubs in your landscaping.

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Advantages of Logissol-O

Accueil Icône Diminution du temps d'arrosage

Reduced watering time

Accueil Icône Diminution des mauvaises herbes

Weed reduction

Accueil Icône Nourrit les plants directement à la racine

Feeds plants directly at the root

Accueil Icône Optimise le rendement des engrais

Optimizes fertilizer yield