Questions most often asked

  • Plants near foundations always lack water, because foundation drains prevent irrigation via capillary action. Installing Logissol -O near these plants will ensure unprecedented efficiency while avoiding the consumption of too much water.
  • All sloped landscapes where water just streams on the surface.
  • Under trees, because tree roots absorb all the water via capillary action and your plants will not have enough water to grow properly.
  • Kitchen gardens also require a great amount of water. Since most people do not put mulch in the garden, evaporation from the sun is enormous. Surface watering will therefore not be effective. That is why Logissol-O must be installed there first and foremost.

Yes, but only in big containers that have soil more than 30 cm deep.

No. It is not a drop by drop system! It is a container that quickly receives water and goes to the right place. A single watering every 3 or 4 days is sufficient, even if the container empties in 30 minutes or 30 seconds. No water should remain in the perforated container. The 650 ml of water that you pour to soak the roots is enough to restart the capillary action which restores the water autonomy of your plants for the next several days. It is the only system that is based on this natural and logical supply of water. The little amount of water you use with Logissol-O allows your plants to optimize their growth at the roots so that they go down deeper and wider in order to become autonomous, like plants do in nature.

In the garden:

  • Tomatoes: 1 Logissol-O for 2 to 4 plants, depending on your growing method.
  • Cucumbers, gourds, melons: 1 Logissol-O per clump
  • Broccoli, cabbage and other: 1 Logissol-O in between 4 plants if in a double row
  • Other vegetables: Logissol-O needs to be placed at a distance of 30 cm or less between plants.

Small fruits:

  • Strawberries and raspberries: 1 every 60 cm in the row
  • Cornflowers: 2 – 3 per plantation
  • Currant bushes: 1 – 2 per plantation


  • Perennials: 1 Logissol-O between 3 to 4 clumps
  • Shrubs: 1 Logissol-O for every 60 cm in diameter of foliage


  • Freshly planted: 1 Logissol-O per tree from a 20 cm in diameter pot should be installed near the clump of the roots.
  • Rooted: 1 Lpgissol-O every 90 cm within the circle that makes up 2/3 of the foliage.

For a freshly potted plant, position Logissol-O against the clump of the roots at planting time. For kitchen gardens and perennials, the device will water all plants within 20 to 40 cm of it. For shrubs and trees, install Logissol-O on the circumference, within the circle that makes up 2/3 of the foliage, with one device per span of 60 cm.

No! For every perennial plant, bush and tree, Logissol-O can stay in the ground permanently. You just need to remove them from kitchen garden because plants change place every year.  They are very easy to remove in the fall and reinstalled in the spring because there are no hoses or jets.

Of course! It was designed for that too. As much for liquid as for granular fertilizers. You need put only half of the recommended amount because Logissol-O sends it directly to the roots.

For regular use, it will last beyond 20 years.

For manufacturing defects, yes. But because of the simplicity of the device, the process of professional manufacturing and verification during the hand-made packaging, there is not much chance that you will have a problem.

Yes, the slatted cover was designed to allow you to use whatever container you have. Ideally, try and have a container that looks like the original, because the tests conducted for a decade have shown that is the right quantity of water to put every time and at the best depth.

Logissol-O can be used in all types of soil. It is how often you water that will change as well as how you install it. In clay soil (heavy), it is recommended that you dig your hole wider to be able to fill the circumference of the container with stony dust or sand to help the perforated container to empty. In heavy soil, during periods of drought, you can space out your watering to every 4 or 5 days, whereas in sandy soil you will only need to water every 2 or 3 days.

The container is solid enough to hold the soil around it in place since it is buried. The sun cannot affect it because the container is buried under the soil.

Yes, in bulk, directly from the manufacturer! All you have to do is click on the “Order” tab on the website at www.logissol.ca. Also, some merchants in your region might have them in bulk. Ask them!

Logissol-O is the perfect complement to rainwater barrels! There have a capacity of about 200 liters. When you need this supply of water, it is during the period when the barrel cannot fill up again. Thus the water it contains therefore needs to fills your needs for as long as possible. The only way for that to happen is by using less water for each watering. It does not take long to empty a 200-liter barrel when surface watering! This is where Logissol-O comes to your rescue! You can fill up 250 Logissol-O containers with a single 200-liter barrel. That means that you could have, for example, 50 Logissol-O devices in your landscaping which would enable you to fill them up five times, and only every two or three days. Logissol-O thus allows you to get through 12 days or so of drought with just a single barrel of rainwater. All that because you watered in the right place, directly where the roots are located and you restart the capillarity action! A barrel of rainwater and Logissol-O are the best “Green combo” for watering!

It takes less time than an automatic system does! Because Logissol-O requires 80% less water, you don’t have to carry water and work hard.  It takes only five to ten seconds to fill up one Logissol-O including the time to move on to the next one. Therefore, a standard property with about fifty devices will take only 10 minutes to water. In light of the fact that you do not need to water every day because you have put them in the right place, the little time it will take you to water will turn out to be an investment in the health of your plants and in conserving drinking water.

A garden hose works just as well! No need to have a nozzle or a sprayer at the end of your hose or watering can. You can water directly into the Logissol-O through the slated cover, whether you use a hose or a watering can.  You don’t need to waste time waiting for the water to be absorbed by the soil because it goes directly to the roots in the minutes that follow, while you move on to the next one.

Not at all, because no water should remain in the container. Roots cannot grow in a dry place. Also, no mosquito larvae and algae will develop.

The unique design of the slatted cover required several tests before arriving at the current final version. The designer wanted to offer you something exceptional, long-lasting, versatile and especially practical. It is necessary to see all the savings it will afford you in terms of watering, treating insects and diseases, having a complicated system of watering with pipes, jets, valves and timers, which all have a tendency to break, plus everything you need to maintain the system. That is not the case with Logissol-O. It costs less than $300 to equip the entire landscaping and kitchen garden of a standard city property. There are also many ways to buy Logissol-O (Box of 3, box of 5, or simply 5 covers which will allow you to use your own household containers, and also in bulk on the web site or in some stores).

How-to guide

Logissol-O is designed to bring the water where plant needs it in drought period. Holes in the bottom of the container release the water, more or less fast according to the type of ground, but at the good place,  in the basement where are situated the largest part of roots.

  • Kitchen garden
  • Landscaping of perennials and shrubs
  • Ornamental trees and fruit trees
  • Blueberries or other small fruits
  1. Dig a hole the same depth than the height of the perforated container
  2. Place the perforated container in the hole and adjust its depth so that the edge of the container arrives at the equality of the ground surface.
  3. Fill the circumference of earth and compact slightly. Avoid a too big compaction which will make spray-paint the container walls inward. If you are in a heavy ground, fill the circumference of stony dust or unrefined sand, so that the water can easily go out of the perforated container.
  4. Place the special slatted cover on the perforated container.
  5. Place the mulch on the surface of the ground up to the edge of the cover, letting see as well only the gitter.
  6. Water when it’s needed by filling the perforated container once.

NB: The speed which the container will empty of its water is not important. What is important with Logissol-O, it is that 100 % of the water will go directly to the roots of your plants!

  • Use four times less water during the watering.
  • Need to water twice less often.
  • Avoid the growth of the roots of surfaces, which are always vulnerable in the slightest drought.
  • Favor the development of deeper roots.
  • No loss of water by evaporation.
  • 100 % of the water is of use to roots.
  • No on-surface humidity.
  • Avoid the greater risks of molds and insects, such slugs.
  • Facilitate the liquid fertilizations.
  • Serves to warm the ground in spring by taking some smart water.
  • No pipe and jet which risks to be cut or broken.
  • Settles down permanently for perennials, shrubs and trees landscaping.
  • Reuses year after year in the kitchen gardens.
  • Easy to install
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Perfect complement in the use of barrels of rainwater.
  • Suits perfectly to a program of economy of drinking water
  • The watering can be made with a garden hose or a portable watering can.
  • No mechanical, electric or electronic part to be maintained.

The biggest of all the advantages:
Logissol-O restarts the capillarity of the ground

In the nature, the majority of the water supply of plants come from the basement. A drought arises when the evaporation and the water consumption of plants is upper to the capacity of the basement to replace it. The more the ground dries out and the less the capillarity is effective. A surface watering  cannot restart this essential supply of plants, in less of course to water  for a very long time, what most of people do not make and it would take a dreadful quantity of water.

The principle of the watering device Logissol-O is to soak again the basement where are the majority of roots, but especially to reconnect the column of groundwater to restart the capillarity.

That is why with a so small quantity of water, Logissol-O allows effective and more outstripped waterings.

With Logissol-O, you restore the autonomy of your plants water supply, so releasing you from time to do something else!